If you're doing any manifesting, at all, take this course. You can use it every time you set a new goal or manifestation. It will help you fine-tune what you're creating, check your goals (and your future/futures) and get any questions answered.
This is a great set for you to create your life day by day, season by season. It will help get you into the habit of journaling, setting your intentions and listening to guided meditation sessions. Plus, it's not too much so it's easy to fit in anytime!
$0.00 $101.75
If you want to manifest all year long... this is a great way to do it! This set includes all of the classes and sets for each season. Get ready! You're going to be busy!
$0.00 $121.70
This set has everything that you need to make this birthday your very best birthday! It comes with three downloads to help you focus on what you want, get excited and prepare for the best day and night that you've ever had. Enjoy!
$14.85 $62.85
Make this your very best Christmas with this manifesting set. Have a wonderful holiday!
This Easter Set has everything that you need to make this Easter Holiday better than anyone before. Enjoy!
$0.00 $41.90
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