If you're doing any manifesting, at all, take this course. You can use it every time you set a new goal or manifestation. It will help you fine-tune what you're creating, check your goals (and your future/futures) and get any questions answered.
This is the first step :) Altered States of Consciousness start with Self Hypnosis. This set helps you to master your abilities, gives you what you need to be a great subject, accept the suggestions and get rid of any blocks or worries you may have.
Step 2... Now that you know how to still and quiet your mind, it's time to use it! You'll be fine-tuning your creative visualization and imaging skills in this program. Have fun! Imagine Bigger!
Step 3... It's Creation Light and Truth time! This program helps you fine-tune and focus on using your Spiritual Light to create anything and everything that you want in your life. Enjoy!
Woo-Hoo! Yay! Step 4 (the number of manifestation) Manifesting and Magick! ... Where you make all the magick happen!
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