11 days to Positivity

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The 11 Days to Positivity Complete Set has everything that you need to change and create what you want in 11 days.

The set comes with two audio downloads: a guided meditation for you to manifest what you want and a Positivity in 11 Days programming session. Both of the downloads reinforce your positivity, goals and that all of your manifestations come into fruition. Your workbook has instructions and journal pages that accompany the downloads.
*The downloads are available in The Complete Set only.

Your 86 page workbook and journal takes advantage of the free classes and exercises. This set builds off of the complimentary ones. It's everything you need to keep yourself on track, set your positivity goals and stay organized! Have fun!

This set is everything you need to change your thinking in 11 days... anytime that you need it.

Happy Creating! 

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