Manifesting: There's Time

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There's more than enough time for you to get everything done, accomplished and created that you want and need to. Really. You have time. This set reminds you that time exists only in the mind; it's malleable. Transform your life into what you want it to be.

Manifesting eBook & Positive Intention Exercise & Journal
This 10 page eBook comes with all of the manifesting packages. It has a few tips and hints about manifesting, using your downloads and links to helpful information.
The 24 page Positive Intention Exercise and Journal is a short and sweet manifest now exercise that you can use everyday or just when you're working on something specific. It's great. Have fun!

Relax and Accept Good Things
This download teaches you how to relax and let good things come into your life. Increase your trust and reduce your stress... It's just that easy.The relax and accept good things download teaches you how to relax your mind and body. You'll move into a comfortable state and practice relaxing, releasing stress and letting your life flow effortlessly and always being better than you expect it to be.

Having Only Positive Expectations
HOPE Guided Meditation
This guided meditation reminds all parts of you that being positive is a choice while reinforcing your automatic positive expectations. *This download is included in The Complete HOPE Set.

Relax and Have Fun!
This download helps you to stay in the moment, relax in whatever you are doing and have [more] fun in your life. You'll have without any guilt or worry about what else you should be doing and enjoy everything more. You'll draw to you everything you need to have [more] fun in your life~ the right people, circumstances, money and time.

Being Patient
Being patient isn't 'just' about increasing your patience, it's about eliminating everything that irritates, annoys and frustrates you. This hypnosis download gets you focused on what you like in your life and gets rid of everything you don't. You'll be more accepting of people, situations - everything after listening to this. Would you like to let everything just roll right off of you? Then, this download is for you it makes life simple and easy.

Bending Time
Journey into the Halls of Time to Bend Time to your will. This is for one specific situation, person, thing, etc.You'll get rid of your blocks, worries and fears and transform time into what you want it to be. You can make it longer or shorter or hold a moment. It's up to you what and how you want to do it. You'll be amazed how quickly this works.  You can use it as much as you'd like. Use it for one outcome each time. Have the situation in mind when you start.

Your Meditation & Hypnosis Workbook
This 77 page workbook goes with the hypnosis and meditation downloads [on this site] and was created to help you achieve all of your goals. (It's a combination of the Your Hypnosis Workbook and Your Meditation Workbook. It is recommended that you purchase the hypnosis and meditation inserts to go with this workbook.)
The Meditation and Hypnosis Series is dedicated to everyone who wants to Lighten-Up and make a difference in the world and connect with their Higher Selves and live a more abundant and spiritual life.

Your Making Magick Happen Inserts
This 121 page eBook ACCOMPANIES Your Meditation & Hypnosis Workbook and go with ALL of the downloads in the category Making Magic Happen. You must have the  workbook for the inserts to 'make sense' and to get the most out of your downloads.

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