HOPE:The Complete Set for Kids

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This set is designed for younger children. It accompanies the The Complete Hope Set (for adults and teens) and helps get your little ones involved. They'll be more positive, improve their vocabulary and learn how to put themselves in a meditative state. The earlier you start them, the better!

This set comes with an eBook of instructions, one set of HOPE Affirmations [for kids] and HOPE lined paper so they can do the exercises that you are doing. The affirmations are only available in this set. You can use many of the worksheets from the adult/teen set for their exercises. This set is meant to be used with the The Complete Set. Anything not found in the kids set, is included in the other set.

The Kids set comes with 3 audio downloads. Each download is different. you may find they like all of them, just one or that alternating them is the most appealing. There's one for anytime, a guided meditation and one to put them to sleep. They are made specifically for children. They are shorter and simpler than the regular [adult/teen] downloads [sold here] and focus on being positive, having good behavior, high self esteem and motivates them to do their exercises and affirmations.

If you're unsure if you 'need' the children's set or downloads, let them listen to one of yours and see if they get bored or restless. There's a plethora of [free] sample packs to choose from for you [all] to decide if you like them. Also, please enjoy all of the Affirmation Image eBooks. We have created videos and slide shows for your enjoyment, entertainment and to help you program your mind. Join us on YouTube at user/ChangesMadeEasy ♥ We have an Affirmation Image Playlist that has all the Affirmation Image eBooks (throughout the various download stores) and we have added a Playlist: Just for Kids! - You can preview some of the affirmations there. ♥ It will give you a good idea of the age bracket that they are made for. :)

The diary and calendar sets are good for any age. They're found in the Children's shop because everything there is free. Click here to visit the Free Educational eBooks for Parents & Educators Shop now.  

Happy Positive Programming! 

* Two of the three downloads are available in the Body, Mind & Soul Shop, in the Just for Kids! section, if you're not interested in all of the writing, affirmations and subconscious reminders. Enjoy!  


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